Fashion will save us?

I was reading an article in a magazine and the following lines made me pause. “Fashion and technology are the perfect pairing.  Fashion’s constant need for newness drives to continually seek novel materials and innovative ways of making garments.”  Make Issue Vol 36, page 16.  Experiments in 3D printed fashion. What struck me is the implication that our basic human need to invent, that drives improvements in medicine, space flight and renewable energy sources, is the same one that make us all wear tight trousers one year and flared ones the next. I am no fan of fashion. (Those that know me will know that I am also no follower of fashion).  The side of fashion I see is wrapped in the cult of celebrity, Asian sweat shops, child labour and a throw-away culture.  I can think of no other human activity that is so wasteful and so apparently self-indulgent.  Think of the amount of waste refuse sites crammed with stacked heeled shoes because they are no longer in vogue.  

Perhaps I need to re-think.  Perhaps it is as valid as any human drive to create.  Albeit one with some unpleasant side effects.


Makers: the New Explorers of the Universe

I found David’s article to be really thought provoking. The term Amateur has been so often used to mean ‘of low quality’. In the context of David’s article the Amateur is a hero. It is somebody driven by a passion to explore without the hum-drum motivation of payment. Surely it can’t be surprising that passionate people will break through barriers and chart new territory? The Amateur may lack a formal education but unskilled they are not.